My pen name is Ginger, but otherwise, my username online is usually Konspiracy. My bio? I don't know. I'm confidently insecure, shamefully proud, and selfishly compassionate. How's that?

 I'm an author and an artist. I love telling stories, whether they're written or drawn. Storytelling is the only thing I've ever been good at, and it's the only thing I've done consistently throughout my life while other hobbies and circumstances continued to change, warp, and disappear. I'm an amateur Youtuber, a Twitch streamer, fiction writer, & manga artist. That pretty much sums me up.


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May 8, 2019

Working hard on the third book of the Doomsday Chronicles Series, The Doomsday Club! I even designed a cover! Check it out!

December 4, 2018

Maaaan, an awesome apocalypse-reviewer said she's ready for Doomsday Serenity and I've already got my third book of the series started, The Doomsday Club. Soon, the website will be updated and Doomsday Serenity will be plastered all over my site alongside the other thr...

December 3, 2018

I finished Doomsday Serenity, the second book in my Doomsday Chronicles Series.

In this world, there's a faction called the Insurgence--a nationwide network of doomsday preppers who all stay in contact VIA phone or the Insurgence website, not to mention family and frien...

September 15, 2018

It is I, Ginger/Konspiracy. 

It's been a rough year, friends. But it's not been in vain. I finished Wicked, Doomsday by Design, and Supernaturally. All of them are available on Amazon now, as you can probably see plastered all over the website. While real life isn't ful...

December 5, 2017

Seriously, I never know what to write here. I know there are hardly any people reading these, but it's still tedious. Eventually I will have an audience, and they'll look back on these posts shaking their heads.

I might switch to vlogging. That might be fun...

Stories ar...

September 12, 2017

Life always makes you feel that way, especially if you're stuck in a strange situation or an awkward life transition, making you feel like you're suspended over a large body of water, not knowing which way to turn, which piece of land to swim towards, or how to get the...

April 24, 2017

Goes for writing and life.

Which do you think is better? Knowing what lies ahead, or not knowing?

In life, we tend to make plans, whether they're simple routines for the day or big plans for constructing your future. But on the journey, we always run into unforeseen even...

April 22, 2017

 Well, it's not like I'm a professional. I won't provide you with a detailed list of all the tricks and tools of the trade that you'll need. If you want to be a writer, you'll already know that you need to learn a little about marketing, tune up your grammar, and make...

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